Andean stone has formed a company called Amazon Wood Company to export some new woods to the U.S. construction industry.
These new woods are very similar in grain and color to its relatives, Honduran Mahogany and Spanish Cedar, and is available in abundance.
We purchase certified timber from indigenous communities in the Amazon basin located in Madre de Dios which is just east of Cuzco ( Macchu Picchu) and borders Brazil. This supply philosophy is promoted by the World Wildlife Federation, and is of very low impact on the environment.
The 3 species we are offering are:
1. Peruvian Cherry – Jatoba – (Hymangea Courbaril)
2. Peruvian Mahogany – Estoraque- (Myroxylon Balsamum)
3. Peruvian Walnut- Ipe – (Handroanthus spp. )

Wood flooring (interior) specifications
• Humidity is between 8-10%: Kiln Dried. Level is within range of NHLA (U.S.) standard. We can lower the level if requested.
• Thickness- ¾”
• Width- 3”,4”,5”
• Length- 1’ – 10’
• Quality/Finish- 1st quality wood, finish is without laminate
• Tongue and Groove (T&G) system

Please contact us if you have any interest.