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Peruvian Natural Stone
<span>Color:</span> Chocolate Cross Cut 
<span>Project:</span> Cladding, flooring, Lima, Peru <span>Color:</span> Magnifico Cross Cut 
<span>Project:</span> Exterior Flooring,  Walls, British Virgin Islandschocolate pavers stanford university 1<span>Color:</span> Navona Vein Cut
<span>Project:</span> Intercontinental hotel, Osaka Japan<span>Color:</span> Navona Vein Cut 
<span>Project:</span> Intercontinental hotel, Osaka, Japan<span>Color:</span> Magnifico Cross Cut 
<span>Project:</span> Cladding, British Virgin Islandsnavona cross cut detriot<span>Color:</span> Navona Cross Cut 
<span>Project:</span> Cladding, columns, wall caps, Michigan<span>Color:</span> Navona Gray Vein Cut
<span>Project:</span> Flooring, Pool Coping, British Virgin Islands<span>Color:</span> Navona Gray Vein Cut
<span>Project:</span> Flooring, stair treads, British Virgin Islands<span>Color:</span> Navona Cross Cut 
<span>Project:</span> Stair Treads, flooring, columns, Michigan<span>Color:</span> Navona Cross Cut 
<span>Project:</span> Floors, walls, Columns, Michigan

Andean Stone Company

The Andean Stone Company is the Miami, Florida-based sales, warehousing and logistics center for Minera Roca Andina, a leading Peruvian supplier of architectural Peruvian natural stone.

Peru has a fascinating history and even mystical connection to natural stone that’s best highlighted by the Incas divine formation of Machu Picchu in Cusco. For thousands of years, locally quarried travertine, limestone, and marble have been used to adorn Peru’s most elaborate churches, prominent buildings and other cultural monuments for its elegant strength, rare beauty and unmatched durability.

The Andean Stone Company supplies U.S. and international architects, designers, builders and distributors with exotic travertine, limestone, and marble that’s been quarried from the high Andes – some 14,000 feet above sea level. The stone is fabricated in Peru using the very latest Perdini machinery to create stylish exterior and interior floor and wall tiles, pavers, slabs, mosaics, sinks, fireplace surrounds, shower panels, moldings and other custom architectural products.

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