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Peruvian Natural Stone

Andean Stone Company is the U.S.-based sales, warehousing and distribution logistics center for Minera Roca Andina, the leading fabricator and supplier of Peruvian natural stone materials. Family-owned, Minera Roca Andina in Peru works closely with the Andean Stone Company to provide only the finest stone materials, including their remarkable Peruvian travertine, marble and onyx materials that are best found in the majestic Andes Mountains that pierce the Huancayo sky some 14,000 feet above sea level in Southeastern Peru.

Quarried from such incredible elevations, Peruvian travertine is globally recognized for being denser, less-porous, stronger and more durable than any other stone of similar origin found in the world. The naturally-formed, small air-pockets found on the surfaces of traditional travertine are rare, bordering on non-existent in the Peruvian travertine. These natural features provide great versatility for architects, designers and builders using Peruvian travertine. The thicker stone results in a stronger, more durable travertine that can be cut in more sizes and formats and specified for hundreds of additional applications residentially, but specifically for a greater percentage of commercial building projects such as high-traffic hospitality, healthcare or retail flooring.

Andean Stone Company materials are shipped from Peru directly to its ever-growing U.S. and international network of distributors. The company has established wholesale distribution locations in 22 U.S. states, East and West Canada, the Caribbean, Latin and Central America, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Italy and several other European locations.

The Andean Stone Company will also import one or two containers of Peruvian travertine, marble, onyx and more each month to stock the Miami warehouse, display in the showroom offices and respond to direct orders from architects, designers or custom home builders. In Peru, Minera Roca Andina implements total-quality control across the board, importing and distributing only the finest, high-end Peruvian stone materials that its discerning customers around the world have grown to expect. It’s all part of an integrated philosophy carried on by the Andean Stone Company in Miami, one that strives to provide each customer with the professional, personalized service they deserve.

Please Note: It takes just 12 days for a container of Peruvian natural stone materials from Minera Roca Andina in Lima to reach Miami, and just 14 for the same one to reach Los Angeles. The company can deliver containers to New York City and other Northeast ports in fewer than 20 days. In addition, the company has secured excellent maritime rates, and Peru has free-trade agreements with several countries around the world. For instance, there are no duties in the United States or Canada.